Special Ladies at Tea

Here is a Unique Tea Party

A friend wanted to share a unique tea party my sister and I put on. My friend had a sister who passed away after a bout with cancer. She had willed her body to medical science so we had no funeral. We waited for six months then had a tea party. Why a tea party?

Because her sister collected tea pots and had left over 200 tea pots. Six months gave everyone time to deal with their grief.

We sent out invitations to all her family and friends to join us in a celebration of life. Donna's life, as everyone remembered her; Where those who chose to could share things they remembered about her and how she touched their lives. The invitations were written as though Donna had written them herself from Heaven.

<>We served tea and sandwich's and small cakes. After the sharing we drew names and everyone who's name was drawn got to choose one of her tea pots to take home in memory of her.

<> Now here is the amazing part of this true story. There was 206 tea pots and exactly 206 people showed up for the party.

<>When its time for me to go I hope they will have a party in my honor rather then a funeral. Although it had some sad moments it was also a joyous time and I just bet Donna was listening in and smiling.


<><> Below find lovely ladies attending tea parties and enjoying themselves. You can make a beautiful memory too!  Give a tea party for your friends and make a special memory.  You can do it!! <>  <>