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"Where the Art and Elegance of
Taking Tea is Treasured."
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There was once a time when women could sit amongst themselves in the parlor primly savoring a cup of tea while sharing thoughts that only the feminine gender could truly appreciate. This centuries-old tradition has kindled an idea to revisit the afternoon ritual. Elegant Afternoon Tea Parties in your home can provide you with a relaxed tradition in a stylish, cultivated ambiance. 

Tea party music can unfold in the background as you walk inside your home, and your guest/s can be graciously greeted for tea by you. You can provide lacy hats of yesteryear and feather boas for your guests to wear.

Just picture ladies wearing hats and boas and going out to the patio and walk through the ivy arch to the mini angel garden, where charming collectible angels of all kinds surround you in the trees and bushes. You can make a truly a relaxed atmosphere for a delightful afternoon tea time.

A brief tea history presentation can be told about how afternoon tea parties came to be in England. It is said that it started with Anna; the seventh Duchess of Bedford who introduced Afternoon Tea in England, in the year 1840. You will discover how afternoon teas became fashionable social events in which all of England indulged.

After the presentation, your ladies will then proceed to the dining room to choose their teacups from the wall teacup shelf, the attractive china cabinet and the butler’s table. The dining room table is set with the finest antique rose china, silver and linen. Make sure all ladies will have their very own teapots during tea. What is nicer than pouring your own cuppa tea?

Have different flavored tea bags (or fresh leaf tea would be great) are placed in china bowls for them to choose from. Homemade jams and butter scones are taken out of the oven and served on beautiful two and three tier china trays at your table. Manners and etiquette are discussed while taking tea. You can also read from and build your teas around one of my favorite books “If Teacups Could Talk” by Emilie Barnes.

You can be served the luncheon of YOUR choice. Choices could include some of these sandiwches/savories: chicken-grape mini croissants, tomato-veggie cream cheese mini bagels, cucumber dill and cream cheese sandwiches, sausage rolls, tiny ham and pineapple sandwiches, strawberries and cream cheese heart sandwiches, cranberry and turkey sandwiches, tuna and egg salad, and even quiche.

For the young ladies (5-12 years old), the menu could include any of these savories/sandwiches: peanut butter and jelly roll sandwiches, jell-o, chocolate dipped strawberries, cheese sandwiches, mini sausage wrapped in biscuits, and raisin bread toasted with marmalade butter.

What would a tea part be without a variety of delectable desserts? A few of these seductive treats are: orange-strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, mini chocolate éclairs, cheesecake drizzle, angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries, nutty double chocolate brownie, berry tarts, and much more.

For the young ladies, additional dessert items include: pink cake and icing in ice cream cones, small cream puffs, assorted cookies, banana-cookie pudding, chocolate cake and ice cream.

You could show different craf-tea items to the ladies at tea, such as beautiful Victorian tea trays, teacup chandeliers, and a rose pedal cake centerpiece. For the younger ladies, optional activities could include decorating “hand cookies” or making a “Victorian memory box” and playing Victorian games.

I believe it is a matter of giving time to others in the name of the Lord to let Him do in my life what He chooses to do. He is the one that leads us to "Serving Tea and Making Memories" for you and your friends or family. It is as simple as that.

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some people have entertained angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2

Afternoon Tea is a time to relax and enjoy the company of good friends and family for all ages. Light conversation and delicate treats make it the perfect choice for a birthday, a shower, a significant function, or just a memorable time with the people you care about . What a great way to celebrate your relationship with your friends, your family, daughter or daughter-in-law! ============================================= "I find it delightful the 7th Duchess of Bedford's hypoglycemic episode resulted in the time honored tradition of afternoon tea." -- D. C. Hochenedel