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Nana Recommends a Tea Cookbook!!

Teatime at Miss Spenser's!

Tea Time at Miss Spenser's has just arrived! This little cookbook is filled with over 90 delicious tried and true recipes...perfect for your next teatime. You will find recipes for scones, tea breads, muffins and coffee cakes; appetizers, soups and sandwiches; cakes, bars and cookies and lastly, entrees for high tea and simple evening dinners. This cookbook is a great addition to any cook's pantry and makes for a perfect gift.  This special cookbook is yours for only $16. plus shipping. Call 641-342-1547 or email: cityslickers@hughes.net


 Nana Recommends a Tea Mystery!

Host a Tea Party!  Solve a Mystery!

       Impress your friends by hosting a unique and fun mystery tea party!  Maxine's mystery theme tea parties take the mystery (and stress) out of finding a novel way to entertain.  Each party plan booklet includes easy following hostess instructions, scripts with costume suggestions, invitations, nametags and place cards.

        Every guest has a role to play, a unique and humorous identity, and a script to follow.  Lots of laughs along the way as you solve a mystery while enjoying tea.

        The mystery theme plans are written for eight guests, but can be done with large groups as well.  Check out Maxine Holmgren’s website:


http://www.lavenderroseteagarden.com/ A world of Tea, Tisanes, and Herbs! Bringing
you a steaming cup of her own Deer Haven Blend Tea.
Or would you might prefer a refreshing glass of her famous Front Porch Tea.
Check out Ruth Ann's jewelry, speciality teas, recipes, cookbooks, tea time clothing,
lavender goodies, tea and Tisanes and tea time tote bags.
A classy lady with much to see!!

www.theteacaddy.com The Tea Caddy! Browse their shop brimming with everything you need to make a perfect cup of tea, see beautiful teapots, or to plan your next tea party. Visit the Tea Rooms directory to find delightful places where you can enjoy an afternoon tea. Lean the basics of tea and tea preparation in their Tea Primer.


 Nana Recommends a Tea Book!

The Graceful Art of Tea is now in its Second Printing after only one year of it’s release. Whether it be a bridal shower, birthdays for the young or seasoned lady, queen for a day, etc: this book will help you choose a theme and invitations, decorating suggestions, food planning. I have the second release tea book in my tea shoppe for you to buy and enjoy. You will love it!


 Nana Recommends a Tea Book!

This is the first in a trilogy of children’s teatime adventure books called TEA WITH THE QUEEN. Written by Catherine and Peter Boyce. Written in rhyme, this colorful, hard cover children’s book delightfully encourages character traits, social skills and literacy. It is about a mother that has just completed preparations for afternoon tea.  She is interrupted by the sounds of her daughters quarreling.  Using a manners book read in rhyme, she creates a teachable moment emphasizing not only basic tea etiquette, but also the value and motivation for good manners. (Remember the ageless lesson called the Golden Rule?  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31) A treat to read to your young child or grandchild!  Enjoy!


www.LAOkay.com Things to Do in Los Angeles is a directory of places to eat and things to see & do in the City of Angels and the San Fernando Valley. Also serving Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.


 Nana Recommends a Tea Book!

Ritz: Book of Afternoon Tea captures the essence of this traditional British occasion and provides the reader with all the Ritz expertise in the ceremony as well as the recipes.  There are also passages from Dickens to Oscar Wilde, which will amuse you, the reader. This is a perfect book to cuddle up with your favorite cuppa tea.  Look for your copy at the Arbor House website.The Art & Pleasure of Taking Tea

Coffee, Tea and Thee!! A beautiful site to buy English Tea China, Porcelain China, Stoneware Ceramics, Tea & Tea Accessories, Tea Gift Sets and Coffee. Many Party and Tea ideas plus lovely poetry.


www.teagraces.com TEA GRACES: The art and pleasure of the "Tea Party" is the topic of discussion here at Tea Graces. She will discuss some ideas, customs and the proper etiquette involved in hosting a tea party that your guests will be raving about for weeks. Check out Nan Taylor's book also, I found it very informative.

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